The Fat Guy Thread

Up again :(


Guess who's down.


Start 254.2
Today 238.0
Loss 16.2 (6.37%)

My goal was 220. That's 18 more to go. I changed my diet and started cardio. I just might make it. Here's to the treadmill. :cheers:

]-[ @ n $ 0 |v| a T ! ©;93625 said:
Damn, Jesse. I've been killin' it lately but you're whoopin' my ass. Congrats!


Let's keep it up through Experience!
I'll be keeping it up until mid-October. Then, I'll put about 5 of it back on in a single night. And then... getting back on the wagon until the spare tire is gone.
FINALLY back in the game! After gaining and losing the same 2 pounds for a month, I'm @ 236 even, this morning (sorry, no pic...)

I haven't been to the gym as regular but I have started my weight lifting program! Maybe not sound like the best way to lose weight but I want to get bigger and it does burn away fat.

I am up to 216 but I feel stronger, my clothes aren't so tight and have much more get up and go. Hopefully it will start to show in my weight
236 this morning!

I'll post the picture later, but I had to tell someone now. :laugh: