The Chronicals of PTC: From Cool to Drool! (recreated thread)


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Apr 26, 2012
This thread was originally posted on BAM but it just needs to be recreated for the world to see. This was my first "major" project with PTC and was a big undertaking by them. Bottom line it was what got me hooked on working with them and the reason I have 2 guitars currently down there being ripped apart or chopped in half!
So I wasn't going to post about this until I got the instrument itself back, but my friendsat PRS have kept me in such good contact and provided me a really detailed look at the repair that I couldn't help but share it as a testament to their wizardry. Also I thought a lot of people might want to see the inner workings of the factory so this should be cool.

This thread is to calm and convince any one who may be on the fence about PRS's in house tech center becuase hands down, this is the most exciting thing I've been a part of in a while. These men are skilled assassins with guitars.I will try to retain SOME of the surprises, but I gotta share these with y'all!.

About a year ago I purchased a Custom 22 in Royal Blue who had seen much better days. I took her in, fed her, cleaned her but knew in my heart she deserved to be pretty like her friends. So after months of going back and forth with the guys at PTC I made the plunge and set the plan in stone.

Packed up and off to PRS I couldn't help but get excited. Its like getting a new instrument, especially if you decide to swap anything or upgrade stuff. I really liked this guitar because although it wasn't a 10 top, it had some really sweeet, deep flames and could just feel the potential. This isn't going to be your run of the mill Custom 22 - this baby is going to be AWESOME.

Anyway, onto some photos.


I wonder what it's going to look like with no finish?


HOLY CRAP, THATS WIERD! Notice the streaks and tints of the royal blue still visible after a solid hand stripping. Blue colors apparently seep into the wood much deeper than most, hense why it's hard to completely remove.
Why hello there! You're looking mighty fine this evening, is that a fresh coat of hand applied black stain?


Not bad....not bad at all! Next on the schedule is a relaxing, yet highly exfoliating massage....


Whoa. I see streaks, flames and greys [oh my!].


Hot. Freaking. Damn.
As some of you know I'm friendly with Emil - and well when he got his Modern Eagle a few years back it was in a unique private stock color called Charcoal Cherry Tiger Burst. It haunted my dreams and kept me up at night. Although I attempted my best begging tactics on him to sell it, they didn't work. Once I realized that wasn't going to happen I approached the guys at PRS, and after going through the powers that be, through their good graces I had been granted permission for this one-off color. Private Stock colors are not typically allowed on non-PS guitars so I really really really am grateful.

The workshop lighting is very harsh, especially in this photo, and make the color combination is a little more odd than normally but I love the shine!

These are my favorite photos of Dave doing some sanding on the guitar - this is the most accurate representation of the finish too!


Look at how clean that Piezo install is! Looks like it was designed that way!


Oh - is that a custom made battery door so I don't have to remove the whole cavity cover to change the 9V? Thats....AMAZING! I didn't even know that Skitchy was going to do this until I saw the photo. Thats service :)


Naturally he has to test it...and test it.... and test it again. You know, for quality assurance purposes haha

The End Result?






The install on the Piezo system was amazing - in the other thread you'll see what I mean - but how neat James from PTC did everything blew my mind. He drilled holes in the tremolo baseplate so the saddle wires are hidden, then he routed out 6 halfcircle holes for the wires to sit in so that when you use the trem, you don't fray or stress the wires.




The team!


Absolutely gorgeous... Merry Christmas to you! :cheers:

Thanks! haha This was actually done in the begining of this year, but the thread was lost when we lost Birds and moons and I felt the job was so good I had to recreate the thread.

Awesome work... i was going to say something about stripping the blue finish but I can't argue with the results! really striking finish, love the black saddles too. Works really well!

Yeah! They dont just look good, they sound awesome. I'm really happy with the Piezo, especially on a trem :)