The Brigh...err...Sweet Switch


Zombie Two, DFZ
Apr 26, 2012
Indy, IN
So, a couple of weeks ago, I was minding my own business at an outdoor gig, playing toward an open 10 acre plot of land (there were people there, too). It was a big open space, and being self amplified (not mic'ed) I had to turn up...we all did. But my initial sound tests didn't make me feel confident that I'd have a safe spot in the mix farther out than 50' from the stage. This loomed in the back of my head for a while.

About 30 min later, half way thru the 1st set, the vocalist calls an audible: a Tom Petty tune. So I do what I always do on those songs and hit the bright switch on the Super Dallas. Sounds fantastic and articulate. o_O Wait, why don't I leave it on and sound awesome and articulate all the time? o_O Duh! So I did, and it did.

Fast forward to the recent past. Last weekend's gig was a small bar in rural Indiana, one we've played a bunch of times. Volume is always a problem. Wait, if I hit the bright switch I may not need to jump out as much with volume. Indeed, that worked! Especially with the Cu24, that was the magic sauce for our sound, mix, and venue. On this amp, the bright switch doesn't sound or act like a typical coloration found on other amps. It's much more musical and reminds me of one of the HXDA switches. Wait, could this be...:rolleyes:

Have you given your brigh...err..."sweet" switch some lovin' recently?
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Yes indeed!!!

I use it on my Bugs henderson Dallas and my Sweet 16. It can often depend on which guitar I am playing. HB II = bright switch on. Tele and Strat = bright switch off...sometimes. LOL

The bright switch is like having two amps in one. I freaking love it.
Well there ya go... I'm going to A/B the bright switch on my Custom 50 at practice tomorrow night. My wireless will give me the opportunity to take a stroll around the studio.
I prefer bright switches on for both channels on my Archon. While I could achieve similar levels of brightness not using them, it changes the dynamic and character of the amp more to my liking.
Really enjoyed the bright switch on my lead channel last night for "almost" all the tunes that require that channel. Now I want that switch on my footswitch!
Didn't really get the same joy off the clean channel, but that might just require more fiddling.