The Big Mo and how easy it is to lose it


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Jun 26, 2012
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The Baltimore Ravens squeaked out a victory against the 49ers in what would have appeared to have been a run away game except for one thing.

Early in the 3rd Quarter, after a dominating 108 yard kickoff return for a touchdown by Jacoby Jones, the lights went out, literally. The Superdome had even had a $1 MILLION electrical upgrade prior to the big game. We'll find out in the days to come exactly what caused the power failure and how or if it could have been prevented, but the overall effects on the game were unmistakable.

There is such a thing as momentum in many things in life. Success feeds success. Failure compounds failure. The 49ers were on the ropes and the Ravens had a lead foot on the gas, and then.... over 30 minutes of thumb twiddling.

It really was like two separate games with a composite score. The game delay had predictable results. Momentum evaporated - on both the good and bad sides of the coin. As I watched the players on both sides try to maintain their limberness by stretching and their muscle efficiency by keeping them at game temperature hot, all I could think of was that someone could really be hurt badly when play resumed.

Thankfully for both teams, no serious injuries were forthcoming. No injuries that is except the derailment of the Ravens locomotive.

In the end, the game was won by actually giving up points. That's right, the Ravens allowed the 49ers a safety - the most embarrassing score in football - to secure the win by denying the 49ers 2 precious things. The clock. Field position.

Wait. The game was really won just before the Raven's last possession. The Ravens Defense dug deep and denied the 49ers what would have been an almost guaranteed win with yet another final,apocalyptic touchdown-denying goal line stand. Alternately, Ravens fans and players screamed their heads off and watched hopefully and silently.

Don't try to tell me that 'momentum' doesn't exist in sports. I saw it build and build and then evaporate mockingly.

But ultimately, this year the Ravens can be denied nevermore.
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You're right about momentum, in sports, and in life. The Ravens came out a little flat after the break; the Niners played like men desperate to win.

And they almost did. It was fun to watch.


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