The best color for a PRS in your opinion?

Since no one has posted a fade yet I feel obligated to fix that. Teal black fade which is super hard to photograph well.

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Smokin' Tone is the only color I look for in a guitar (and it is available on all models)!

Aside from that, +1 to all the "natural wood" lovers out there, with the right wood, there is no better colorist than Ma Nature! If we are going to use the wood as a coloring book, my first choice is going to be the Al Dimiola Prism!! I LOVE the "Electric Rainforest" on my PS CU24 below!!! I also love the Jade Green on my HBII and the Violet Blue Burst on my Core CU24 (which I call Blue Violet Burst because blue is most definitely the dominant color with some bursts of Violet, not too far from the wonderful Northern Lights)!!! On my list of colors to eventually have, Charcoal Cherry Burst is near the top, Santana Yellow, most purples, most reds, all Tiger variations, gotta have a solid gold at some point (SC of course), Bonnie Pink with black burst, etc. One thing I want on all my PRSi is all black hardware (DW style)! Decked out my EBMM Stingray 2 years ago using all black hardware and with its Lava Pearl paint job it looks killer! Also, one piece top is more important to me than the color it has been stained with! We all have our preferences, but the color of the tone is the king and I will look past any color scheme if it sounds great! Thanks to all the hot porn in this thread! Here are my current little pretties (Birtha and Hoorman have both been modified with tuner buttons and TRC's stained by @docteurseb but I have not yet updated the photos), hoping to add a 4th by years end!

Metallic blue with natural back. I want a Paul’s or DGT in that color. I don’t think it exists.
Boyd burst. One of my fav finishes that is underutilized and not in the regular rotation.
Rarely sold. Such a shame. Looks amazing on 10 tops/wood libraries/Private stocks to show off them grains!

Honorable mention to makena blue. Always so bright and vibrant and looks stellar quilted.
PRS has pretty much taken guitar colors to a new level, especially in the last few years. Some of the stuff that comes out of the factory these days is just mind blowing. However, for me, I prefer the classic sunbursts, either McCarty, Cherry, or my favourite, Vintage Sunburst:

I add Vintage Cherry of the SE line
Laguna (smokeburst) can be rather nice



Has the finish faded? I have been looking at either laguna or cobalt blue but I'm worried about them fading like the faded whale blue finishes.
I feel like PRS is the only guitar manufacturer that I'm basically impartial with for finishes because they all look great. I like the Santana yellow, Mccarty sunburst, faded whale blue, trampas green, blue matteo, aquamarine, antique white, dark cherry sunburst. In fact, if I knew I wanted for example a core model Custom 24, I could go to a big PRS retailer and be happy to take home whatever might be in stock, God knows the set up and quality control will be second to none.
I think everyone knows what I think is the best colour and has been a staple colour since the launch in 85. I must admit, I prefer a deeper Red than the brighter reds but any 'red' works for me...

These are my guitars - almost a spot the difference LOL.







And the 'odd one out' in my collection...

But still has some 'red'....
WOW!, my Gosh.. pages upon pages of some of the FINEST displays of Creativity, Rarity,Craftmanship,and Quality. Try finding all THAT consistently, with other companies. Let alone such wonderful instrument.

That being said, I always drool over many of these marvels of growth rings, mineral deposits, organic dyes and more zeros in the price, I see a trend..

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