That moment when.....


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May 9, 2012
Don't you love that moment when you are close to sealing a deal!
In final talks for a deal that will kill my se7 fund but, as usual, it's too good to pass up.
I can't spend what I want to as I have found out children are VERY expensive and mine isn't here til the end of the month but a NGD and a baby in the same month will send me into orbit right now. A drop-c guitar is needed in my stable so I tell the better half.

Sorry for the babble but I am on cloud 9 just now
another ce24!
I have been in the market for a custom 24 and an se7 but I thought I love my ce that much I might as well get another and save some cash too.
better get selling my excess gear now to replenish the account!
I am going to wait til it arrives and do my first proper NGD thread! Should be here on Wednesday

Ill be waiting by the door for it!
I know, I'm sweating already over it!

I hate living where I do but at least its quiet