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Discussion in 'Studio & Stage' started by dcm_guitar, May 30, 2018.

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    I normally write and record music for myself. I'd love it if others enjoy it as much as I do.

    Recently I joined Taxi to see if I could get some song placements. I uploaded the songs from my latest project in hopes I could find a place for them. What I've discovered (not surprisingly) is that there aren't a lot of requests for my already created songs. The music requests at Taxi are very specific and often don't match what I've already created.

    I'm not fast when I write. It takes me a while. I decided I needed to "get over it" and just start creating things more quickly and see if I could create something that matches a request. I specifically decided to not agonize over any decisions, and just create something new.

    So, I picked out a Taxi request for "contemporary rock instrumental cues. They want Mid-to-Up-Tempo Instrumentals that are in the general stylistic wheelhouse of Devil by Shinedown (they also gave a couple of other references). While the reference songs have lyrics, they were VERY specific that the submissions are instrumental ONLY and have no vocals.

    I have never heard of Shinedown and have never heard the song "Devil". I went to youtube and listened to the song. This is NOT my style at all, but I thought I'd give it a go and see if I could capture the vibe and create something similar without copying.

    This is a quick afternoon's effort. I didn't agonize over any choices; I just recorded a part, and immediately jumped to the next part. I mixed and mastered it immediately after recording it (I NEVER do this). It's a bit rough, but overall I like the outcome. Thoughts?

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