Talk me out of this one. (Yeah I know, right?)

Going Modal

I should be practicing right now.
Jul 25, 2019
Your mom.
Scenario: SE Custom Semi-Hollow from about ~15 years ago. (The one with the "cat's eye" f-hole. Are you with me here?) Swap in some aftermarket PAF-style pickups and maybe upgrade to a Core nut. Could be a pretty sweet little sub-$800 player..?

Anything else you'd recommend taking into consideration with this scenario--other than, you know, "Just play the damn thing, man"?
I'm kicking around the idea of one of these OR a largely-stock Semi-Hollow Vela. (I say "largely" stock, because of course I'll need to put a tortoise pickguard on either one, if they don't already have it.) :cool:
Talk you out of it?

Ok: there are better PRS guitars to buy, so save your money and buy one of those!