Taking Bets...

Mark Ray

The RockTrain
Jun 19, 2012
If you have watched this interview with Paul, you will have noted that they discussed a prototype guitar that he had with him. He had been taking with him all over Europe. They were going to check it out after this interview, off camera of course. Here's my theory: All the sudden today I've seen two pictures of Myles Kennedy with his PRS "Tele." What are the odds that this is the prototype, being readied for winter NAMM?
Nah, I think they are making a PRS Custom 23, for all those people who can't make up their minds between a 22 and a 24.
Funny you should mention that. I have seen and played a true pre-factory (and by that we're talking built BEFORE 1985 for all the truth stretchers out there!) Standard that was 26 frets.

AND the Sorcerer's Apprentice has 27.
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