Switching Pickups and Going from 5-way to 3-way


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Feb 2, 2013
Hey guys, I just found the forum while I was looking for advice and this seems like the best place to get it.

I have a 2000 Custom 22 with a 5-way rotary switch, and I have bought the PRS 3-way drop in kit. In addition to installing that, I'm going to replace my stock Dragon II pickups with Seymour Duncans. I think I know how I have to wire it up, but prior to ripping everything apart I figured I would double check that I have it right.

The SD pickups have a 4-conductor wiring setup, so that is why I need to make sure I have the translation correct.

As I understand it, the wiring translates as follows:

White -> White (which is North/Slug coil finish on the SD)
Red -> Black & Green together (black is North/Slug coil start on the SD and green is South/Adjustable coil start on the SD)
Black -> Red (which is South/Adjustable coil finish on the SD)

Does this seem correct to anyone that has experience making this change? Also, I have reversed the magnet in the bridge pickup to account for phase issues that would come about in a general PRS wiring scheme.
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