Switch channels on PRS Archon 100 with Line 6 Helix


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Aug 24, 2017
Hello everyone,

Sometimes while playing a set with my band I have situations in which I have to change channels on my amp as well as change effects. Can someone tell me if it's possible to change amplifier channels with another external device (in my case a Line 6 Helix)?

I would love to change channels en effects with the touch of only one button in order to be right on time during playing the music!

With kind regards,

Ezra Soerioroseno
The built in 2 function footswitch control on the Helix uses a TRS jack, but I don't know if it exactly matches the control switching the Archon uses. I use my Helix to switch 3 functions on my Mesa MKV using a Voodoo Labs Control Switcher (the Helix sends midi CC messages), and it has made life much easier. I switch channels, effects, signal routing and mag/piezo pickups from my 2 piezo PRS all using the snapshot function of the Helix. It takes preparation, but it's well worth it. I suspect at worst case you might have to use a device like elvis suggested or the Control Switcher as a go-between.