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Swamp Ash SE...out of the park

Never mind, they’re veneers, and just for the EU

Not veneers, swamp ash cap

Dont know how thick

Hmmm... I guess they’d blast through a regular SE thickness veneer. The closeups on Anderton’s site make these appear to be kinda rough lookin’ on the tops, and not all smooth poly finished.

Agree - a bit too much to make it worth getting...

It would be cool to get one and hot rod it. Make it a burner maybe even add a Floyd.

I bought a guitar from Peach Guitars in the UK. Free international shipping, but I got tagged $175 for import on a $2,800 guitar.

Keep in mind, that price in the UK may be less for the US. You wouldn’t pay VAT like someone local would.
I'm going to have to go against the grain here (groan), they don't do anything for me.
I have a SAS with nice graining, so I'm kinda satisfied in that arena, but if I didn't have that, I would be tempted to snag one of these.

Hmm, I'm in Germany in a few weeks, Nuremberg area - any good PRS shops there? (Maybe I'll open up a new thread to ask that question...)