String tension on s2 Vela?


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May 31, 2022
Long Island, NY
Seems the string tension feels a little tighter on my Vela, wonder if the break angle on the top loader bridge is a factor?
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It could be a very straight neck but i put 9s on my Vela and happy with it! Btw trem guitars always give a little easier in the bend than a hardtail like the Vela...
Even though I have problems with my hands on occasion I have no real issues playing my Vela. I use the 10 - 46 gage on mine.

The only thing I've noticed is; because the neck shape is not as wide and not as deep as my other guitars, it's almost like I have to "think ahead" with what I'm doing. I really have to concentrate on the positioning of my fretting hand more so with the Vela than with my other guitars. If I don't do that then certain things feel stiff. But as they say, your mileage may vary.

All in all I'm better of with a neck that's a bit wider and deeper and the Vela's a different little beast for sure. But oh, those tones!!
Got mine recently, neck pretty much straight on a great setup out of the box.

Bends are a lil stiffer with the 10s to me, but I have 9.5s on most of my 25" PRSi and 9s on the ZM.

Will likely go down in gauge when I do the first string change.