i use only those with schaller locks:

Use a PRS Logo leather strap on my CE24 and just got a new Levy's 3" padded leather strap for my SC. Very comfortable. PRS strap buttons work great with the PRS straps and Levy's. Most of the Levy's I've used have a narrow opening so they are tough to get on the PRS buttons but they don't come off unless you take them off.
I use the PRS straps, they're made to fit the strap button. But I've lengthened the buttonhole slit on Levy's to make them come on and off easily in the past.

Gotta say those Richter straps that Proxmax linked look pretty sharp! So do the gig bags. All very expensive, though...but then what fun stuff isn't? ;)
I have been using two Moody straps, 2.5" and 4" in Black with a Black leather back (as opposed to the Suede option they have), they are great! Ernie Ball straplocks, have been using those for a couple of years, I like them.

Gotta say those Richter straps that Proxmax linked look pretty sharp! So do the gig bags. All very expensive, though...but then what fun stuff isn't? ;)

Just checked those out, very cool! Added them to my long wish list of stuff! ;)
I use Franklin straps on all my guitars, PRSi or otherwise... love the look and they are, hands down, the most comfortable straps I have ever used... I have had to, in some instances, loosen the PRS strap buttons to get the strap on and then tighten back down... they hold really well!

Agreed. Franklins work very well with PRS buttons.
I like the PRS logo leather strap more than anything else that I used in the past.
If you come across a Levy's No. 1 Stretch Strap - give it a try. It is litterally a stretchy strap tha is very comfy to play. The stretchy characteristic allows you to move the neck up and down - without rotating the whole guitar around your body. Never thought that would appeal to me - but it does.

For the thread - I removed the buttons and screwed them back in with the strap in place. I leave the stretch strap on my Mira all the time - even in the case.

I have dunlop strap locks on planet waves straps on my other PRS guitars.
I've contacted Richter to see if they'll make a strap to fit a PRS strap button. I like that one Shawn has on his post, too!

Need something padded for the SC58.
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You should check out these Signature straps Les, they are really nice. They're made for us by a small strap company in Canada using top quality materials.
Button rattle

A little trick I do is loosen the screw in the strap button just slightly, maybe 1/4-1/2 of a turn. This gives a little more space under the button rim and makes it a little easier to fit a strapped to it.

I have just had to slacken the neck button a good half turn to get a PRS signature strap to fit comfortably (there is a seriously lovely amount of padding in that leather - call me a pervert if wish!) this meant that without the strap fitted, the button rattled a lot. I was getting some serious resonances on certain notes. So....a felt washer under the button has done the trick. I guess that you could use rubber or a soft plastic. I felt that felt (if you see what I mean) was less likely to damage the finish around the button. As the strap softens and compresses around the eye, I reckon I can probably tighten the button a bit, and maybe even remove the washer.
I have always used locks as well, but I'm really looking forward to checking out the signature strap in the thank you pack I should be getting soon for the new amp I just brought home! I might have to put the original buttons back on if it fits that well... :)