Strange Serial Number

Dyllan Blake

New Member
Mar 7, 2013
I have a CE24 that I purchased from Guitar Center in Clearwater, FL in 2010. I just was looking at the serial numbers to date it and it doesn't match up with any. The serial is #275464. Here are some pictures. Does anyone have any info for me?
Based on this:, it sounds like you have a 1992, if I am understanding correctly. The "2" stands for either 1992 or 2002. And the "75464" falls within the range for 1992 CEs.

BTW, your photo didn't show up. Care to try to re-post it?
Looks like you have a sweet 1992 Blue Matteo CE, probably with Dragon 1 pickups.:top:

I don't think Blue Matteo was a color in 1992, that came much later. But I think they had a turquoise color, forgot what that was called, maybe turquoise. Heh.
This is where Sergio chimes in and extols the virtues of an Alder bodied CE (and winged tuners), even the late Ed Roman thinks they're great!

I really want to try one...