Stop tail bridge for 2014 S2 Mira Semihollow

Discussion in 'Forum Rules & News' started by César Gama, Sep 11, 2020.

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    Sep 11, 2020
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    Hi everyone

    My name is Cesar from Mexico. I own an S2 Mira Semihollow since 2014, fantastic guitar. I have a question about replacing the stop tail bridge. The reason, the bridge has begun to wear out in the part where the strings rotate, specifically the first string making a small hole where the string gets a bit stuck. The question is if the two type of bridges that are now handled fit into the design of that guitar considering that it is from 2014, and nowadays these model doesn't exist anymore on the S2 series. I refer to the "stoptail bridge with studs" or the "adjustable stoptail bridge with studs"
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    Congratulations and welcome to the forum.
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    Hi Cesar, welcome.

    I would think the new bridges would fit, but I'm no expert. You might try posting your question in one of the other sub-forums ie; the Tech Center or the Electric Instruments sub forums. Good. luck
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    Every Stoptail bridge that Paul Reed Smith currently makes will fit your 2014 S2 Mira as long as you use the original Metric studs that came stock in your guitar. Not to confuse you but there are actually 4 types of Stoptail Bridges that PRS currently makes and sells. (2) of them are referred to as "Machined" which basically means they are a higher quality bridge that is used on USA Core Guitars, (1) of them is the Adjustable Stoptail Bridge which is also used on USA Core Guitars, And the Last (1) is "Molded" which basically means it is used on Se & S2 Guitars. Your 2014 S2 Mira came stock with the "Molded" wraparound stoptail bridge that are used on S2 & SE guitars. The studs on your guitar are metric so if you were looking to upgrade to a PRS Adjustable or a "Machined" Wraparound Bridge used on USA Core guitars the studs that come with these bridges will not fit on your guitar, they are a different thread type. If you also need new studs you can purchase the unplated brass stud set for S2 & Se guitars. The current part number is 101688::01: or The old part number Acc-4045.
    Hope this helps....
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