Stone Temple Pilots - Live in Chicago 2010 Concert HD


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Jun 27, 2012
Auburn, WA. USA
I mentioned to Mike in his instruction video thread I would like to see a few songs from Seattle band Stone Temple Pilots, as I had seen them on the Palladia channel on TV a few weeks ago from a 2010 concert in Chicago.
I just found the whole concert on YouTube.

These guy's are still rocking after many years, good to see bands still doing this.
One thing, I have never seen a bass player before have his guitars neck near vertical like this guy.
I watched some old videos from the 90s of them too, and same thing.
Plays it almost like an upright bass :D

For a band that does not rely heavily on guitar solos, I think they sound very good.

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There's a couple nice PRS HB's in there as well. I love Dean's guitar style, tone and chord voicings. Robert is one of my favorite bass players ever.