Still reading guitar magazines? If so, which ones?

I've subscribed to Guitar Player for better than 20 years, and read it since I was a teenager.
I added Guitar World last year, not sure if I'll renew, they both tend to feature the same things/people within a month of each other.
I get the print editions because reading a tablet in the WC would be gross.
i used to subscribe to more. Now I just get Premier and Vintage. And I find I’m looking at them less often these days.

Are you guys still getting them? Which ones? Reading paper or on-line? Likes or dislikes?

I want to make a guitar out of a magazine. :p
Actually, i don’t read guitar magazines because I care very much about the reviewers’ opinions. I just like to know what’s out there, stuff I might want to check out, and features that I might be interested in.

But mostly, I simply like reading about guitar stuff. I don’t care about celebrity interviews, and I don’t need tab to figure out songs. But there’s always something to pique my interest.
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I have been reading Guitar Player since 1977, and have subscribed since 81. Since the first one in 77 (which I still have, with Frank Zappa on the cover) I haven't missed one issue in 41 years now. And yes, even the 10 or so years I couldn't play, I still read GP.

I've read others and still sometimes still do. In fact, I read Guitar World for years. Acoustic every once in a while, and another one here and there. I read Premier now a few times a year. I read ONLY real magazines, except that for a while I was REALLY into Guitar Interactive. I still think it's a great concept. The video reviews and interviews are a nice change of pace. Other than that one though, very little online or tablet download type mags.

Oh, and for years, I had every one of those GP mags. Wife started to get a little disapproving of boxes and boxes of 25-40 year old magazines. I now only have about the last 5 years worth at any time.

And, yes, I'm ALWAYS behind. I read 4 issues the week before we left for the beach and am now up to February 2018 :)
No guitar mags. Sometimes if I see an interesting interview I might succumb.
No music mags (everyone still has Led Zep on the cover!?).