Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars or Star Trek?

  • Star Wars

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  • Star Trek

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I've always thought of Star wars as space opera that gave away all the clues, while Star Trek was made for thinkers. I do prefer The Trek and always have. Yet, nothing will beat that very first scene EVER in Star Wars of the imperial cruiser chasing Princess Lea...on a big screen, no one had ever seen such a thing...
I'm a Trekkie. Don't get me wrong, Star Wars is great, but Trek is more intellectual and that is usually what I am drawn to. Plus, Trek has a way larger body of quality stuff, versus just having the first 3 Star Wars movies and then a bunch of junk after. Trek had 3 phenomenal TV series in the Original, Next Generation, and Voyager plus 5 high quality feature movies.
I'm in the middle of Voyager right now and Neelix just died. I was so mad they brought him back to life I haven't gone any further.

I grew up a Star Wars fan as a kid and got into Star Trek a few months ago and I prefer Star Trek as it seems a little more intellectual but there's a formula of sayings I find annoying. I did like how the newest Star Wars movie went a little eastern in philosophy almost like combining Avatar The Last Airbender and Star Wars together.

Certain elements I like of Deep Space Nine better than any trek I guess because all the other trek characters don't have enough depth. Garak is probably my favorite ever.
Big fan of both. But I really like the mythology of the Jedi. So I chose Star Wars.

That said watching the next generation was a ritual at my house growing up. Also love the original series and movies with Shattner. I also like what they’ve done with the reboot movies. They created a new universe to explore variations on the movies and stories we know without actually changing anything about them. Fairly clever if you ask me. And yes discovery is very good. Its biggest issue is they didn’t air it on cbs. It was online only. I think they did this so they wouldn’t have any limits to what they could do and have to worry about censors. But there’s like 3 things that would have to be changed and it would be fine for tv imo. They dropped the f-bomb twice in a row in one episode, and another scene showed some deformed people. Other than that it would be fine. At least as far as I remember.

And to Star Wars. I’m a big enough fan I even watched the clone wars and rebels. The animated series. Clone wars cleaned up a lot of stuff from the prequels. Rebels was really good too, but ended too soon imo. I’m still on the fence about the new movies. I think JJ was told/trying to play it safe with TFA. So he did. The last Jedi went some good directions and was better on the second viewing. I was not too excited when I heard JJ was doing 9. I wanted the guy from rogue one to do it. Because episode 9 will make or break this trilogy. Oh and rogue one may be the best Star Wars movie of them all.
The Abrams movies are pretty good and a forwarding of the Myth of Star Trek. My one big complaint is nowhere in the universe is the interior engineering spaces of any star ship gonna look like a combination of oversized water purification plant and the local Steel Mill, just ain't gonna happen...
The latest episode of Big Bang Theory aired in the UK is hilarious (The Shamy Wedding).

It pokes fun at the Trek/Wars debate!:D;)