Standard neck profile = pattern regular?


Mad Scientist
Sep 7, 2020
Thanks all! This is really helpful and has turned into a great discussion :) So I have a 594, SSH, and a DGT currently - the pattern and DGT neck are both great and I love them, but the pattern vintage on the 594 has been bothering my wrists a bit lately. So when looking at the CU24, I was wanting to get something with a similar nut width to the SSH or 594, but a smaller neck. I was leaning towards the pattern thin due to this (I don't want something too thin), but I was thinking the thin would be easier on the wrists like my other ones. It sounds like the regular might still be a good choice here? I wish I could play both versions in a store, but can't make it out to one right now to do that
Pattern thin isn't too thin, think 60s gibson. I like most PRS necks and bounce between them regularly. I'm with you. The one I'm not a huge fan of is Pattern Vintage. Occasionally I find one I like but it's not my favorite. All the rest are great.