"Squared off" pickup bobbins?


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May 4, 2012
Is there any practical purpose to the squared off bobbins on the new pickups or is it strictly an aesthetic thing?
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Asthetic only. It makes them PRS-specific not "generic humbucker", which is what Paul's been looking to do with all the hardware and parts if he can.
SD parallel axis are squared too for over 20 years.
i like them.
Actually, I believe I read in the newest Sig mag that the "squabbins" are made to match the radius of the bridge/fretboard. Supposed to give clearer highs & lows, or something to that effect. A more even tone maybe. Maybe Shawn could clarify if I F'd that all up:)

I remember peeps asking if they sound much different, but don't recall hearing either way.
Hey Vaughn, you are correct. The squabbins ( a phase I coined, thank you) are indeed radiused to match the radius of the fretboard. Also, the way the bobbins are designed, they fill up the voids within the pickup rings and sound somewhat like covered pickups. Our covered pickups still use standard bobbins. I could tell you more, but Paul would have to kill me and I'm enjoying life way too much for that. :)