Sorry for holding out

mad monk

Your father's Oldsmobile
Apr 26, 2012
Over a year ago, I started a gear purge to fund a new guitar. I had my eye on a NOS core Angelus listed with a PRS dealer. At the Experience events, I spent way too much time in the acoustic room, playing everything they had; the prototypes, Tonare's, and Angelus'. I bought an SE to ease my pain, to no avail.
I sold more than enough to fund it and thought I was finished. Wrong. I was so terrified of putting a scratch on it, or any other wear, I put it away for a while, then listed it for sale. I felt badly for buying a guitar that was so far above my ability and felt I didn't deserve.
After ridiculous lowball offers and having sold 2 acoustic guitars as part of the funding purge, I needed to either play the Angelus or buy another acoustic. I decided to pull out the Angelus this past February. What a fool I was not to play it. It is, without a doubt, the best guitar I've ever owned. It has such beautiful tone, sustain, and response. The tuners are so precise and it holds tune so well, that when I play it, wipe it down and case it, I can take it out of the case and start playing. Still in tune. Which is good, because it's not too forgiving in that department.
I'm still probably way too careful with it. It's never left the house aside from pictures and no one else has played it.


Historical Entity
Apr 26, 2012
Your guitar is gorgeous!

I have an all maple Tonare that’s my only acoustic guitar. I love it and can’t imagine playing anything else. Though I have let my son and a good friend who plays incredible fingerstyle play it.

The guitar pretty much paid for itself in one ad session, so I figure I’m guilt-free with it! ;)