Sorry…..Another Phase 3 locking tuner collar question for my DGT

Rod Welles

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Nov 9, 2021
Seacoast New Hampshire/ S. Maine
So, I finally located the unobtainable mini Hex wrench (for the aluminum collar hex screws) in my old hex key drawer. It is tiny!
. Now I need a wrench to turn the collar because as the tuners were set at the factory, they are very loose and won’t hold a tune.
Does anyone know what size wrench I need to turn the collar?
any help is greatly appreciated as always. Got 2 gigs this weekend and I gotta get this tuner issue solved once and forall….
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Dec 31, 2021
It easy. First, note there are TWO set screws on the locking collar. Remove both. They come out without much effort. To remove the collar, hold the tuner button so that the wormgear shaft stays still. Then, just unscrew the collar.

I tore down multiple sets for re-plating…not one lock collar required a wrench. All were finger-tight.