Soon- NGD (update, it's here! New pics and interesting MODCAT results.)


We were small but we were slow...
Feb 10, 2016
Coastal SC
Really loving this guitar.,. Closest thing I've had to a Custom 24 since my 1998 10 Top CU24 and 2006 Artist CU24 (my SE Orianthi flame top and Trampas green CE24 both have custom wound pickups. Took the 85/15's out of the CE24 not long after I bought it and sold them)..

Love the 24-08 switching!
Loving the TCI 85/15's, especially since I adjusted the pickup heights to taste!

This one's a keeper.
The green is a little darker than the pics, but only had spots here and there that can pass for original Leprechaun Tooth. So this Leprechaun Tooth Burst must be a new one off custom color... The Blue burst is killer in person!
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