Something in a FedEx Box... (edit: Sergio gets the White Westie)

As I return, from a land undisclosed, I just want to take a moment and honor an anniversary. Today marks the two year anniversary of the White Westie making its way home.

To all those involved thanks for making this happen. And, to my brother, ya, buddy.

I hereby declare this day, White Westie Day!

Shout if you're with me!
Heck ya!

And we need to check the availability of a certain item on display in a secret room in a land undisclosed.
Man! Has it been two years already?!?!

When JFB texted me an reminded me, I had planned on snapping a few new pics for y’all. But then I got caught up in dad-ing, took Paco to see trains, and then saw an opportunity for a nap... so I did that instead.

A million thank yous again to everyone!