SOLVED, bad string! Is this tuning issue nut related? PRS DGT Wood Library


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Nov 25, 2016
Needing some help! I just traded for a 2022 PRS DGT Wood Library and it has some tuning issues on the G string.
I originally thought the string was binding at the nut but now I'm not so sure now.

My local guitar tech widened the nut slot ever so slightly. The issue got better but is still there.

I can abuse the trem and the guitar stays in tune. If I bend the G string a few times, the string will go flat.
If I retune and use the trem, the G string goes a bit sharp.

Any thoughts on where to look next? Maybe an issue with the tuner itself? The saddle and bridge look good.

I agree 100% with lubricant, long term you may want consider swapping out the nut with

Changed the strings? It's not impossible to have a bad string....
I'll try changing the strings to rule this out.

@Daryl Jones @Black Dog @FatFingerBlues
Thanks for the nut sauce suggestion, the tech lubricated the nut and saddles. I'll try adding a bit more, but my CS Strat has never needed any and stays in tune.

I agree 100% with lubricant, long term you may want consider swapping out the nut
Thanks, I may end up having to swap out the nut. The guitar has not been played much, so was hoping the installed bone nut is still good.

Thanks all!
Replace The Nut With The Synthetic Nut Like @Greywolf Said. I Have No Idea Why PRS Went To Bone Nuts When The Original Nuts Were Perfection. Bone Nuts And Trems Seem To Always Be A Problem At Some Time Or Another.

Sort of frustrating this is top of the line, yet it won’t stay in tune.. love everything else about it though.
Has anyone ever sanded and polished the grooves to solve the problem? I read one forum where someone suggested sanding with 600-1000 grit sandpaper
600 would be course. 1000 would be ok. I think Nut Sauce would do more than sanding would. Did you say it has been present on more than one string change? Sounds like a bad string to me.
I think the bone nuts give the PRS models that have them a tighter low end and a more firm fundamental through the lower midrange.

I have had the PRS brass-infused standard black PRS nuts on many, many PRS guitars, and the bone nuts on seven of my more recent models and have a strong preference for bone over any other material.

I’ve also had bone on other brands. It works better for me - YMMV of course!

Still I’d think long and hard about swapping out the bone nut. You may not like the tone change as much.

Others have different opinions, and it’s all about personal preference.
Sounds like the G is still hanging up somewhere. If there are no burrs on the saddle, I'd guess the nut slot still isn't quite right. One technique is to further widen the slot after the string has passed over the break point to reduce any binding as the string moves through to the tuner post. PRS have fairly straight string pull, but not quite.

Bone nuts can work fantastic with trems and stay in tune very well, so I wouldn't give up on it quite yet.
OK try this ..take your 1000 grit, make a SHARP fold , pop the string out , try 10 passes, string in ...verify ... repeat as needed

or ..take a used G string , ( Not from your Lady's stash!) and do the similar step , use firm pressure to speed up the normal wear , If you have a similar gauge wound string it makes it easier ( I'm lucky to have fiddles and mandolins to steal from) .
Sounds like a bad string to me.

^^^ This was it! I pulled the string last night and immediately noticed there was a slight bend in it right over the nut slot.

Installed new strings all around, stretched them, and we are staying in tune now.

I’m still hearing a slight pop every now and then so I’ll take a few passes with 1000 grit sand paper at the back of all the slots.

Thanks all for your help! Glad the bone nut will work. I like the look of it over the synthetic black.
Sort of frustrating this is top of the line, yet it won’t stay in tune.. love everything else about it though.
Trust Me...I Get It. I Have Been Through All Of This Myself And Can Recall Numerous Times Of Wanting To Throw, Break, Burn The Guitar (And A Few Other Things I Won't Say) From These Very Issues So I Feel Your Pain And Am Sorry You Are Having To Deal With This.