Sold my first PRS today...


Knows the Drill
May 4, 2012
West Michigan
Milestone of a day for me... not in a good way, but also not in a bad way I suppose. I sold my first PRS (first one I ever owned that is) - an 06 SE Custom. Great guitar, but it's acquired some cosmetic damage over the years, and with my other SE's, it was a bit redundant. I repaired a few blems the best I could and sold her to a nice guy for a great price, and I think it all worked out - he gets a good deal on a good axe, and I'm thinning out some amps and guitars (to put the money towards something special, there's always a catch :) ).

Sometimes you've gotta let em go - this guitar was my learning canvas, for playing, for modding, for repairing. Not a super special guitar by most people's standards but it got me through a lot of gigs and never let me down. I think that says a lot for a guitar that I bought secondhand on a college budget, and put a LOT of hours on. Hopefully the next owner gets as much out of her as I did!

So hard to see one go, even if you are ready for it. Hopefully something fun will take its place!
Speaking of Cosmetic Damage, has anyone seen the Fenders that have the fretboard and body with worn spots already there? They want 2-3k for a guitar that likks like a mugshot.
I know the feeling. My first PRS was a CU24. Bought it new in '98 and sold it in 2011. Put in a lot of great hours playing that guitar. It was my first humbucker guitar and it took my playing new places.

But there comes a time when letting go is the right thing to do.
The period between letting one go and the new acquisition is'll get better.
I remember quite well selling my first PRS. Didn't have to and likely shouldn't have.