So what does Paul and the team have up their sleeves in 2019?

Flying V.

"Dammit Hangar! Will you shut up about the damn Flying V's!"

But Ted McCarty invented the Flying V!

"Look Hangar, you've already got two Flying V's because Gibby is making them again!"

Yea, but not Korina/Limba/Terminalia superba wood. Not only that but Ted McCarty invented them at the same time the most famous Les Paul's were invented.

"Okay Hangar, you've got a point there but PRS is WAY too busy with their reinvention of a different classic guitar and their Silver Sky orders have them far too distracted to think about reinventing the Flying V. So, give it a rest and check back in a few years."


Can I get a Korina Flying V in a 24.594 inch scale length?

"Shut up Hangar."
New colors are always a welcomed addition. I put a mint guard in my black vela and it changed the whole look. I’m loving this, anyone else put the mint on their black guitars?
Steven used his Tele mainly on People Who Eat Darkness and Song of I. His go-to electric is his PRS