So, I did a thing... (NGD content)


Mine's the first of now three green guitars. Still have the stock pick guard, but now I've seen pics of both green and now yellow with the that same one - I need to get off my umm... chair! yeah that's it, and get one for mine.
I've been looking for my first S-type guitar and I'd loved the sounds and reviews of the SE Silver Sky online.

Got on reverb and found this new-old-stock (its a 2022) at a reputable shop in Nevada. They gave me an AMAZING deal ($515 out the door) so I bought it. First PRS and my first s-type guitar.

The guitar actually came in last week.

Bought the truss rod cover and pickguard and left it with my luthier to do his stuff.

Well, I kinda love it. Actually, I REALLY love it. Like REALLY.

Super neck, beautiful rosewood. Light (7 lbs). Very resonant. I like the pickups a lot. Very much a strat sound but beefier. Which is great on the bridge. Also love the color.

All in all, I'm super happy with my first s-style guitar.

You may find that it’s just not the one for you. If that’s the case I’ll take it for scrap… just send it over…