So, I did a thing... (NGD content)


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Apr 25, 2024
I've been looking for my first S-type guitar and I'd loved the sounds and reviews of the SE Silver Sky online.

Got on reverb and found this new-old-stock (its a 2022) at a reputable shop in Nevada. They gave me an AMAZING deal ($515 out the door) so I bought it. First PRS and my first s-type guitar.

The guitar actually came in last week.

Bought the truss rod cover and pickguard and left it with my luthier to do his stuff.

Well, I kinda love it. Actually, I REALLY love it. Like REALLY.

Super neck, beautiful rosewood. Light (7 lbs). Very resonant. I like the pickups a lot. Very much a strat sound but beefier. Which is great on the bridge. Also love the color.

All in all, I'm super happy with my first s-style guitar.

Welcome to the forum, you'll find that this is a very loving and down to earth community!

Congrats on that new axe, you made a wise choice! The Silver Sky SE is some of the best that PRS has to offer in any line of their guitars 🎸

Glad to hear it. I sure am enjoying it.