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So 60 days ago I did not own a single PRS guitar.


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Nov 20, 2018
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Today I am abundantly blessed and gratified to have three. It all began when Sweetwater was running this deal.

As you can see from the pictures and the ad copy it is a 22 fret guitar with the volume control handily placed right next to the bridge. Tragically that is not the guitar they shipped to me. What I received is the guitar below with 24 frets and all the controls scrunched down in the southeast cheek. Naturally loud squawking noises ensued. (even though I played the heck out of it and liked it quite a bit, first time in my life humbuckers have pleased me).


Negotiations full of shaming for sloppy marketing and shady bait and switching concluded happily when I agreed to keep the SE Santana and Sweetwater tendered a screaming cannot say no price offer on a very lovely SE Chris Robertson that I agreed to buy in a solution that benefited everyone. Love this guitar, it may be the best of the bunch. Really sweet for getting my AC/DC on.


And then my Sweetwater rep emails me and says hey we need to blow out a bunch of demo stock and I can give you a smoking deal on this S2 Studio. Much gratitude and appreciation for the customer service at SW for taking a bad situation and turning it 180 degrees into a pleasing resolution.


Today was PRS set up day. The nut on the S2 was perfect so I sanded down the nuts on the SEs and did full set ups on them. The S2 was a filthy beast, it must have been demo'd at an asphalt convention of roofers and pavers. So a deep cleaning on the fretboard and new EB Regular Slinkys and dialing in some relief in the neck. They are all just spectacular guitars and make me forget about my Fenders.

Question as a PRS tyro, what are the bird inlays on the 21st and 24th frets??? Ghost bird and flying squirrel??

So that is my tale of plunder and piracy and deals so advantageous it almost makes me feel guilty. Glad to be here at the PRS forum with all you fine folks.

I'm going to go play some chord melody Moondance now...

“What would you like, sir?”
“One of each, please...”

Excellent, in deed. :cool: Welcome!
Way to plummet, head first, down the slippery slope! Awesome trio! Congrats!