snoozin’, losin’

i know i was late, but looking through the ad pics, seeing an ebony board on a rosewood neck, and opening the ad to see it’s (long) gone — least favorite things.

boogie probably got it.
That would have been a nice one indeed! Guess I need to browse Portland CL and not Seattle? :)

I should be in sell mode myself though...
That's just crazy talk...:confused:;)
Lost my job last month in a corporate restructuring. Still dealing with the chronic illness so I’ll likely need a year realistically to recover before looking for a new job.
Whoops, wrong thread!

Knaggs Severn, third from the left. 8.5” radius with thick neck I’m not bonding with. I prefer thicker necks like pattern vintage but apparently not with those old school rounder radius style necks.