Sliver Sky Owners!!!!!


Nov 3, 2019
Nashville Tn
Jump on in here and tell me your most convincing story on why you DIDN'T go with a Strat. Tell me ALL you good and bad about the Silver Sky, I am tetering on the edge......


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Jun 9, 2013
Having owned more Strats then I can to count there was always something missing on each one , bridge pickup was the most glaring. second was Trem quality. but mainly I could not find a Strat that had everything I wanted in one guitar. There are LOTS of great Strats but for me there was never just one.
On to the Silver Sky
Smaller neck heel and bigger lower horn cut out for better upper fret access
Great round chunky neck shape ( classic 60s Fender ) and vintage radius that plays perfectly also headstock truss rod adjustment, and no skunk stripe
Tone control on the bridge pickup stock. IMHO best middle alone and Bridge alone of any SSS guitar I ave ever owned.
Great tones from all 5 positions.
When set to float a GREAT PRS Trem.
Really smooth locking tuners.

And reasonably priced from the right dealers :)


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Apr 26, 2012
I can't tell you why I didn't go with Strats because I own and play them daily. What I can say is my Silver Sky can hang with some pretty special Fenders. This is coming from someone who has played & owned a shed load of vintage Strats.

I find the SS to be a great playing guitar. The neck is really the stand out part of the guitar for me. It just feels right. The vintage radius is home to me so that is a big plus in my book. I'm not a big trem user but I decided to give mine some serious abuse a few days ago. The SS stayed in tune quite well despite my attempts to become a dive bomb specialist. It sounds like you'd expect a great Strat to sound like in the 1,3, & 5 positions.

There isn't much quack in the in between positions. That could be a problem for some but I can live with it. I'm indifferent to the updated jack cup style. The knobs aren't really my thing and I'm not a fan of the feel. My only other quibble with the SS probably doesn't apply to most people. Due to the headstock angle it's not all that easy to bend strings behind the nut. It's a technique I like to use but not with this guitar.

If you are looking for this style of guitar, a Silver Sky is worth serious consideration. I think it's priced fairly for what you get. The few minor issues I have with it are probably pretty exclusive to me. I can say that I never regret picking it up.


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May 2, 2018
I have owned them all.
I REALLY liked the American Performer strat. It was very cool, looked awesome, loved the pickups.
Had a Suhr that was freaking insane, but hte neck was too small for my hands.
Have had several others as well, but I went with the SS becuase I'm a huge JM fan, and the neck blew me away.
I nearly bought the Fender JM strat two weeks before buying the SS. the SS feels more high end, the neck is nicer, and the pickups are just as good...but better wiring. ;)


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Jul 5, 2019
Have Strats, my ‘96 that I got brand new when I was 16 and then a Custom Shop I bought last year. I picked up the Silver Sky for something different after playing and loving it at GC.

I expected to enjoy it as an alternative but wasn’t sure I’d keep it long term.

But now, I’m considering selling my Custom Shop and actually have it listed on Reverb. Reasons why are feel and sound. Feel wise the neck on the Silver Sky just fits me better. I wasn’t sure about the radius but turns out I love it, and the neck is thicker than the fairly thin .790-.930 on my CS and just super comfortable. And sound wise....the SS just makes me want to keep playing. I think it’s a combination of excellent electronics and the flat sawn neck vs the qtr sawn on my Strat. Didn’t even realize there was so much a difference there but I think I’m starting to believe it now.....


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Jun 10, 2013
New England
I still have and play both - but the Silver Sky is my go to mainly because I prefer the neck/radius/frets. That was the major selling point for me over a handful of custom shop strats, American original strats, Suhr, Nash - any Strat style guitar within 100 miles I could get my hands on.

Also stays in tune better than any strat I’ve owned (there have been many) even with heavy trem use. The pickups are excellent as well. If I want a more modern, hotter sound I enjoy my HSS ultra strat. If I want some jangle I have a jazz strat. It’s all about options lol!


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Apr 28, 2012
South Florida
I found a 2020 right before Xmas for a great price. Keep your eyes open and you’ll find one. I also have a Danocaster double cut that is absolutely stellar. Funny thing is the neck feels so thin in comparison. Wish it was the same shape. The Dano has Rocketfire pickups that are super clear. The SS has very full sounding pickups with more bass and thickness to the tone. Almost like having the power of humbuckers in singlecoils. Both compliment each other and allow me to justify having both.


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Oct 20, 2019
South Carolina


Walked into the Guitar Shop and the previous owner had just traded it in ( a hot chick that likes to swap out guitars) in 99.9% cond and he says 1200 out the door.
Say no more....Sweet!

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Jul 4, 2018
Richmond, va
#1 reason would be quality. Strats vary depending on the guitar. The SS is really good. I’ve owned strats all my life and now have none. Get the pickup heights adjusted right on the SS and it sounds phenomenal. The factory settings are a little too close/hot for me.