Slayer Sunday II: Live Undead.

I stumbled across a Blu-ray copy of SLAYER- Live at Wacken 2014 that I forgot I had. (More on that later.)
What followed included a 75" QLED TV, a very loud BOSE speaker bar and some delicious alcohol.

I'm very organized actually. I listen to all my music either in my truck (on CD's) or on my Harley, all my movies are on one bookcase, all my instructional guitar DVD's on another bookshelf, all my LIVE concert DVD's/Blu-ray's on another bookshelf and so on. Well, because my organizational system required that the SLAYER CD and the Blu-ray be stored in different locations, and because the paper multi-disc CD sleeve is much smaller than the normal DVD cases on the bookcase, it kinda became un-noticable among all the other concert footage. Thus, it was a very pleasant surprise to find it. Not sure I had ever even watched it before then.

I much prefer watching LIVE concerts from my proverbial man cave than going to actual live shows. Don't judge me bro. lol :p