Slappy New Beer!


Zombie Zero, DFZ
Aug 1, 1985
Just dropping in to say "Happy New Year" and make sure you guys got your signed cards from Paul. Looks like most of you did.

We're having fun in the sun! We played on the beach and watched the sun go down, but not before making Eden into a mermaid. But then... we made a "dead" mermaid. :) It was awesome!

I hope you guys have a happy, healthy, and safe New Year! Be safe tonight!!! See you all in a few more weeks. My "Tech Break" will get a little more committed from here on out.





Happy New Year to you, Heather and Eden. Thanks again for the card. Enjoy the warmth!
And a very happy new year to Hans, Heather, Eden and all of you.

Have a little empathy for me tom'w. I get to spend the last morning of my vacation going to the Apple store to get my Mac repaired. it wouldn't boot today - was fine yesterday. Not looking for tech advice - the appointment is made and I'm done trying to fix it. I just wanted whine and pity myself a bit. I'm hopeful they'll be able to grab all my data - my backup isn't that recent because I was procrastinating moving the backup disk from the network to the Mac (it was taking forever to backup).

And it's been such a nice vacation (other than the weather the last week).