Size Matters


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Apr 26, 2012
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So, I'm talking with Hanso about this new forum, and I'm suggesting that it's a bit too hard to read (no old jokes :x ) because of the font size. What he pointed out to me was that you can change the font size right on the forum.

In the upper right corner of the large white box, there is an "A" with an up and down arrow on either side. You can increase the font size there. According to Hans, it will keep that font each time you log in. I personally think it makes this forum much easier to read.

I've done my good deed for the day. Back to being an ------- :twisted:
Hoosier Daddy said:
According to Hans, it will keep that font each time you log in.
Actually, Stevie-P, I said "I believe it will retain the font size but I haven't tested it to be sure."

Well, I just tested it. It doesn't save the setting on my work PC. You get to click that font button every time you log in.

Not for nothing - as a graphic designer myself, I genuinley appreciate how neat the boards are and how it fits inside the main table of the PRS website. With that being said - I think it would be better if we went full resolution, so that the boards spanned the size of your window.

But thats just my opinion, whatever James and the crew like is absolutely fine by me.
Thank you Steve. The only other thing I would like to change is get rid of the large lettering of the thread title on the upper left and make poster's name much bigger. The name of the thread can stay there ... but increase the size of the poster's name.
This is what it looks like when you delete the thread title.

You can nuke it from your post before you hit the reply button.