Silver Sky String Type Question

John F

Here for the party
Apr 8, 2020
I am wondering which model of strings come on the 2020 SS? Are they the standard PRS version of the past or the new Signature strings? I like to get used to the tone of an instrument before making any changes, and I want to make sure I have spare strings just in case of breakage.
My 2018 came with regular 10-46, but not sure if anything has changed. I'd bet on the regulars but don't know.
I put NYXL 10-46 on first string replacement and didn't look back.
I think PRS strings are repackaged D’Addario’s anyway so they should be in the same ballpark.
They were, but I get the impression the latest PRS Signature strings are a new formulation. Might still be made by D'Addario, but perhaps exclusively for PRS.
I'm pretty sure the original strings are PRS classic 10-46.

I can Echo the previous posts with the NYXL being installed on my SS...but i preferred the NYXL1046BT (balanced tension) for me. I just ordered some signatures and will be trying them out when it gets down the line. I'm a string pack hoarder so i don't know when i'll get to it, but I'm definitely still loving the NYXL.
I’ll figure it out when I do the first string replacement. If the strings come out of the trem block with soldered ends I’ll know they are signatures. No solder will be classics.