Signed or Not Signed?

I gotta find the picture of Dave signing the back of Browndog's DGT. Never should have sold that one! Nah, glad you're rocking' her!

My goldtop is signed on the head by Dave, on the control cavity cover by Paul and Len Johnson.
Great ideas Pete, looks like you got plenty of bang for your buck that day! haha

I love Mark - he's just a cool guy and always gets back to me when I shoot him questions. He's also a huge amp nerd which rules. I'd also like to give him credit as having the only PRS model thats currently made for heavy tunes ;)
Also, I LOVED how those Johnson Millenium 212's sounded - I felt like that amp should have put Line6 out of the model game haha.
Thanks themike, That is amazing that you can shoot Mark amp questions. He was thrilled that he had just got the Bludodrive (I think that's the name) and was using it in his Creed rig. I think I remember that the amp was made in Denver. He also held his own when talking to the Wildwood Music store owner who has a long history in the business. It was impressive to hear.
Glad you loved the Millenium. My only quibble with them is that they break up and get pretty muddy at higher volumes. Mark says he doesn't use his much any more to warm up as he likes to play through a tube amp to warm up. He said it makes the transition from practice to concert easier by sticking with tubes. Understandable
I submit this as an exception to having a guitar signed on the front.

For the Eagles 'Farewell I" tour, they had radio stations give away tickets, like lots of other bands do. But in each city there was one ticket package that was 2nd row center seats and a signed guitar...


I have another exception I'll post as soon as I get a new pic of it uploaded...
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Signed on the back of the headstock or on the control plate is ok. Never on the front of the body no matter who it is! Front of the headstock is acceptable but not preferred..
I personally do not like the chore of protecting a signature on an instrument though. I would rather have a different memento signed for posterity in most cases.
In my youth, I went to a LOT of shows and there was this guy that would bring the same red Ibanez to every show to get signed. He was also missing a leg, so he would use the guitar and the sympathy factor with the crew to meet the bands. The sigs were always removed before the next show would roll around. Funny thing is, 9 times outta 10 if he met who he was after and got a handful of guitar picks, a couple of autographs and a snapshot with Joe Rockstar, he wouldnt even stick around for the show. Never understood the fascination with the artist if you aren't there for the music, what's the point?
Back of headstock cool.

Anywhere else would have to be a guitar that would be a display in a glass case only sorta thing....which I'm not really a fan of because guitars need to played. But, if you had a sig guitar from your favorite artist and had a nice display set up that commemorates them, far be it from me to tell you where to have it signed. If it was for that purpose, you'd want it visible.
I have a control cavity cover signed by Bonni Lloyd for my Bonni Pink Cu24. I keep it in the case though. I would put it on the guitar if I knew it wouldn't wear off.

Pic doesn't show the top of the guitar well:

This is better shot of the guitar (Thanks Eric!):

I now have two signed guitars, both DGTs. One is signed on the back of the headstock by PRSh and david Grissom. The other is signed by Phil Keaggy, also on the back of the headstock.
Signing on the front of the guitar is kinda low-rent.

I have a white SE singlecut that is signed on the front by Howard Leese. It was an auction guitar in '09. $1K went to Hopkins Hospital.

Last year, Paul auctioned off a guitar signed by every employee at PRS and all of the artists who attended the Experience. It had signatures over its entire surface. I had to drop out of the bidding at $3K. That money also went to Hopkins...

Just sayin' that there are always exceptions.
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Back of headstock is cool. I have a few signatures of Paul and one of Ted McCarty on Control cavity cover. Just a little clearcoat on top and they are there forever! :cool:
As a rule, I'm not a fan of signatures on guitars, other than the back of the headstock. Having said that, I used to own an old white Kramer guitar signed by all 4 members (at the time) of Van Halen. I sold it when the autographs started to fade pretty badly. The guy who had it signed for me didn't use the Sharpie I gave him and used some random marker. I couldn't find anybody to shoot a clearcoat on it because they didn't know what pen, so they couldn't guarantee they wouldn't destroy the signatures. I wish I still had that one.