Sick days due to PRS


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Jul 6, 2012
The Rock
Every other morning I wake up for work and I am faced with the urge to call in sick. Not because of some flu, or some disease. Because of PRS. PRS has infected me. I've actually missed work just so I could stay home and play my CU24. Anybody else have this problem? It's a good problem to have for getting better at playing but not so good for the wallet.
You are following the proper path to becoming a professional musician, now start a band and find a girlfriend to live off of.
I have a similar malady diagnosed as "Reggaemylitis".
I have to walk past all my gear to get to the elliptical. No sick days yet, but many missed workouts (and probably a few extra pounds as a result)
Hmmm, I may have called in sick a time or 5 anxiously awaiting the arrival on NGD. Also have called in cause I was on a roll writing a new song on a PRS. And maybe a few times to make a road trip to a store I wanted to check some PRSi out at.
PRSes have rotted my brain, too.

They oughta be declared illegal by any right-thinking tight