Show your pedal boards here!

My bedroom board. I don't believe in overkill. It's my toys.

Nicely organized!
I have recently added a J. Rockett "The Dude" and Klon KTR to this board, as well. Pretty happy with my tone these days.

Not much, but... has all that I need.

I too have the Boss GT100 and a looper. - the Digitech Trio+

Its amazing that a decent multi-FX unit can cost the same as a pedal or 3 and do so much more. I am now looking at the newer models, in particular the Helix Floor or LT as opposed to the GT1000 or Headrush. Obviously these cost quite a bit more but still cheaper than a decent sized pedal board, independent pedals and all the power and patch cables needed too. I am not a gigging musician so can happily make do with a decent MultiFX pedal and decent looper too. I like the Digitech Trio+ as it also listens to my chordal structure and adds a drums and bass part so I have a full band.
You guys should see the pedalboard I use with my accordion collection.

“Hang on, Les. First of all you don’t collect anything, and second, you haven’t had an accordion since 1962.”

“Yeah. I lied just to get everyone thinking about accordions.”
I have several boards setup for different uses.

The Grab n' Go Minimalists for going into the front end of an amp:



My T-Rex SoulMate I use in the front:


And finally my Effects Loop board. I absolutely love the Volto power pack! I'm primarily using this with my Marshall Origin 20C:



I especially love the “grab n go”