Show us your PRS Guitar (Or the one you want)!

This would be the one for me. PS #5677
Whoever has it is one lucky guy(/girl?). I wish I ordered it. In fact, I still might, with one or two tweeks just te be different, not because it isn't what I dream off. Very classy, great taste!

did you see these?
This is the guitar I'm jonesing for at the moment. I believe it is a P24, anyway gorgeous and unique. I'm also thinking about a Navarro and considering a custom PS build. Although I'm unable to attend Xperience, I'm waiting to see what goodies come out of the event, then will have to decide.

I am simply in awe of your guitars, ladies and gentlemen.
My hat is off to you all.
I am saving for a ps in pomegranate but I haven't found the final type of body and neck configuration yet.

I think Tim had a pomegranate guitar in one photo, which was wonderful, as they all are.
Congratulations to everyone for your treasures, and for sharing.
Wood library Custom 24 with satin maple neck, Brazilian rosewood fretboard, 57/08 bridge and 59/09 neck pickups.