Show us your PRS Guitar (Or the one you want)!

What do I need to do to make this pic appear instead of just the link?

Easiest way is within your photobucket account. Select the photo you want, then click the "image links" section on the right hand area of the photobucket page. Then copy the link called IMG code.
There have been many but these are my favorites.




I can't resist! Here are a few iPhone pics of my Experience 2012 Cu24 in B*tchin' Bev.


Ignore my son's toys in the background...

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When the sky stops peeing on Alabama, I really need to break out the SLR and take some nice photos of my little stable...

Returned to PRS just yesterday with this Frost Blue Metallic 408 - wonderful sounding and playing guitar:


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My current herd is back in post # 9, and I have the 408 MT on order which should not be to much longer, as it is suppose to ship to my dealer today according to what the rep told the owner of the local store I deal with.

Down the road if I get another Maryland built guitar, it might be a Tremonti as I like the 25" scale over the shorter one the 245 has.
I could always have my current 2012 SE Tremonti Custom revved up with Tremonti's USA pickups and new pots, but I may get gas for the real deal.