Show us your PRS Guitar (Or the one you want)!

And I went to the crossraod momma
I looked east and west
I went to the crossraod baby
I looked east and west
Lord, I didn't have no sweet woman
ooh-well babe, in my distress

--Robert Johnson, Cross Road Blues

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Man, I hope you don't mean that. I am renaming this thread because it gives the wrong impression. Even if you have NO PRS Guitars but there is one in a store --- one on eBay -- one that keeps you up at night -- I wanna see it!

Naw, and I'm sorry to have made you rethink the title. I absolutely love my gear and am so happy to be where I am. With all the amazing gear porn some of you post, it's easy to just drool over/lust after other people's stuff.

I'm very glad to have found this group and learn from it every day.
Well you already found him, corrupted him, engaged him in an entertaining community, and made him care about your collection because you are unknowingly holding on to one of the last guitars he will ever purchase. Prepare to be underwhelmed: it's a CE.


My first was a '92 CE24. I swore I would never sell/trade it. A decade and a half later, a SC came my way at a price I couldn't pass up, as long as I traded the CE. A couple years later, I played my first 513...and almost immediately ordered one. That's been with me ever since, and I swear I'm never selling it...;)


My only PRS: An '03 McCarty. Played, beaten and bruised. I will never love another guitar more.
Newbie here. Sorry, this is the only pic I have of my 2012 PRS CU24 10-Top Sprayer's Choice, cuz... it gets delivered TOMORROW! Man, I can't wait!

Well, the collection is in a constant state of it has matured, I have become increasingly selective as to what comes in...and what must leave. Here is the current situation:

Upstairs players:


F/A amps courtesy of our own "Redmax" Robin Feathers. Lighter fluid courtesy of Jimi!


Downstairs (Basement) studio... collection and current players (didn't even realize that Derek had fallen and that a few of my wall hanging Rock art had also fallen:eek: until reviewing this photo..all have been returned:


Pardon the "Non-PRS" HML #20 (Thanks Howie) and the Knaggs' Severn:


Patiently waiting their turn in the rotation (Yes...I am a nerd who frames his COA's and hang tags :D:




Currently "camera shy":

1) NOS ME-1 Singlecut trem, incoming
2) 1986 Pearl white, boxed for imminent sale
3) 2009 Al D. Prism, boxed for imminent sale
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Here's my PRS along side my other guitars. All of these guitars get gigged, that's what I bought them for. The ME will be gigged just like the rest although I generally only take 2 guitars to gigs I try to rotate them.



Isn't that a Sandberg bass?
This one is bonkers. Saw it at GC Hollywood a while back. It was a private stock and I don't know the model. It had a sick snakewood fingerboard (cant see the figuring in this pic) and the finish was called "Electric Whip Cream Copperhead".