Should i dump my SE Mira for an S2 standard 22...theres only 1 thing though...


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May 5, 2016
I already have 2 Standard this would be my third and gigging guitar....price is really cheap so I would trade in the SE and add couple hundred bucks....worth it or too many Standard 22s??
Just picked up a 22 Standard. Plays better than my CE 24. Don’t know if I would need three of them though. 58/15 s Pickups sound great for S2 pickups as well. Maybe put different pickups in your third one. If you think you would play it more than Mira, go for it.
might as well. If you don't like it it's easier to sell and pocket some coin along with it
It wouldn't be a question for me. Just a matter of paying the person and getting the S2.

On the other hand, I'm totally into Maryland PRS Guitars. I'm utterly biased. Go figure.