Should be a great night! It's like X-mas!


Joey Tatts
Sep 27, 2012
When I report to work tonight ( I work graveyard shift ) I'll have not one, not two, not three, but four new additions to the family! Only two are PRSi, but the other two are great finds as well. I've been trying to get a good deal on a Navarro Sig for over a year and scored a NOS Brazilian rosewood fretboard. I'm not a huge fan of Dave but love the all white with all gold hardware. I've already acquired a calibrated set of covered gold Bare Knuckle Cold Sweats to replace the stock pups.


The second is a 305 25th Anniversary in black. Someone installed hot rails in it so I'll give that one a few hours of playing time before deciding on pups (the stock 305's) are included.


The third is a Jackson USA PC1 in Chlorine Blue. The quilts on these are pretty sick and the Sustainiac pickup is a blast to use.


I'll post better photos once I bring them home and install the new pups. :biggrin:
The fourth is a modified Charvel So-Cal. Anyone who was enjoying the Charvel's and Jackson's from the 80's should check one out.

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Those are awesome! Sounds like you have your free time booked for awhile.

It may be too many guitars for just 2 hands. I'll be right over. :vroam:
The chlorine blue is smokn' nice:) the grain with the blue is something else....
The chlorine blue is smokn' nice:) the grain with the blue is something else....

Chad, I deleted your signature line. If you are an authorized PRS dealer you may promote your store but there are rules that must be followed.

Please contact me via PM if that is the case.
No Way!! You just really threw down the gauntlet, love the Navarro and the 305 they are both on the top of my "gotta have" list of presently available guitars from the PRS line.
Hey there raven17! Back in the day I bought a new charvel model 4. It had Jackson active p-ups, 3 mini toggles and a licensed Floyd. I played the crap out of that guitar for a long time. It fit what I was doing at the time. I sold it about 5 years ago as I lost my taste for active p-ups and the mid boost circuit. The guitar was inactive for a long time so it had to go.

I will say that neck was the most stable neck I ever had, bar none. I NEVER touched that truss rod in the 15 years I owned it, even with C tuning and huge strings on it. Kinda weird.