Shawn's 15 Year Employee Guitar, Start To Finish

Brilliant to see the body being carved. Amazing transition from plank of (tone)wood to guitar body, made of (tone)wood.

FWIW, I think the violet would be stunning. The solana would as well but it is quite traditional, somehow doesn't feel special enough... Of course you will have to live with this choice o_O
So while these aren't necessarily the pickups taht will be used in my guitar, here is a video of the pickup making process. As with every other step in building a PRS guitar, there is a lot of time and attention given to the pickups.

Interesting. What's the liquid dip at the end?
If they would allow, I still would have gone with Salmon. You and Carlos Santana would have it and very very few others. Just like the one they had a NAMM this year. If not that, then Solana.