Shawn's 15 Year Employee Guitar, Start To Finish


Aug 23, 1985
Stevensville, MD
Some of you may remember that I mentioned Paul hosts a weekly "Guitar Talk" session for employees. He discusses everything from headstock shapes to strap buttons. Well it seems I've convinced him that we should build an actual guitar from start to finish during these meetings. Many of us at PRS have worked in various departments within the factory, but few of us have worked in ALL of the departments. For example, I've never worked in the electronics department or the buffing room. So, by building a guitar with this group, it will give us all the opportunity to help build a complete guitar through every single process. I'm hoping the film and photo crew (I'm looking at you Hunter and Andrew) will document the process to create a cool youtube video in the end. I will also take photos/videos with my phone and post them here, if you guys are interested. In the end the guitar will be given away to charity.
As most of you know, PRS employees are able to get guitars at certain milestones in their career. the first opportunity for a guitar is at 2 years of work, the next is at 7 years of employment, next comes 15 years, then again at 20, 25 and now 30 years of service. 2017 marked my 15th year at PRS, so I am starting to build my 15 Year Employee Guitar and I am super excited about it! The guitar will be a McCarty Singlecut 594 with figured maple top, figured mahogany body and neck, figured ebony fret board, 58/15LT pickups and a color that is yet to be determined.

I have decided to document the build process because I'm excited about it and I hope my son will enjoy watching the process when I eventually give the guitar to him (many, many...many, years from now).

So, if you've come this far, you might as well check out some of the videos and photos of the process. I will continue to add more content as the project unfolds. Thanks for indulging me! :)
Here is a pic of the veneer before going into the thickness sander

Dude those paua inlays are so nice. I have abalone inlays on my 06 custom and paua on my 95. I wish my others had the same. I'm not super into the corian and whatever else.