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Apr 26, 2012
Every once in a while I get called to do some spiritual/yoga type music, usually I am just doing droning soundscapes with some tabla loops and collect my check, but today something a little different showed up in my inbox.

I got a four minute solo vocal that I am supposed to accompany on acoustic guitar, no click, no reference tones, no idea what she's singing (although I do know it is for a rape recovery center in India) what the heck am I supposed to do? I don't even own an acoustic guitar, nylon yes, but not a steel string so I am totally going to have to borrow one.

I was assured that the session I got will not be the final vocal take, so I will set up a click track and she will eventually sing over what I have done, but what am I supposed to do? Does anybody have any suggestions for acoustic guitar examples that sound kind of indianish besides John McLaughlin's Shakti? I'm youtubing but thought I would ask around here too.

I don't have anything to offer you Serg, sorry. But I am really impressed you've accepted this challenge and I'd love to hear what you come up with when you're done.
How about a little Ravi Shankar acoustic transcription?

Ravi in general, although not acoustic, rules and any of his songs should spark even the smallest amount of spark in your mind - hes awesome!

His daughter Anoushka is also someone whose music might be even closer to what you want. Kind of a nu-age indian

Thats all I got!
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Hey thanks for the replies so far! maybe I should find a $50 acoustic off craigslist and mod it.
I'd be happy to send you my acoustic if you need to borrow one.

Oh man, that's so cool for you to offer Shawn but I think it's supposed to happen by early next week, but thank you so much. There are so many great guys around here!!!
Good luck, man! That seems like quite a challenging project. I'm really interested to hear what you come up with, too.

On the modding acoustic, I'm envisioning something...white...maybe with a very fine black edge burst...:dontknow:
I did an acoustic guitar/electronica thing last year for an Indian GM subsidiary, with some vocals. I'll send you the track, maybe you can use it for ideas.

PM me with your email and I'll send you a link.
Probably not very helpful, more western, less indian, (I mean more Eddie Vedder and less Nusrat fateh Ali Khan)... just a little inspiration perhaps:

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