Sergio's Champagne (and sparkling wine) Thread.

Went to Dominick's/Safeway where they have a deal that when you buy six bottles they give you 10% off, so it made this somewhat reasonable.


I love that Taittinger is still family owned and run unlike most producers. The lady had a somewhat uncomfortable experience drinking too much "champagne" at a non-Sergio hosted party the night before NYE so this one was all mine.:cheers:
I only drink things I can pronounce...LoL...same with my wife (lucky me) to quote Brad Paisley...She'll take a beer over white wine!!!
With a little help from my two greatest friends (who I thoughtfully introduced to each other 20 yrs ago.. they now have 3 boys!) and my ex (with whom I've recently renegotiated my contract) I killed these three bottles of bubbly on Saturday night.

I've already spoken about the PJ so I'll skip it this time.. but it was good as a warm up for these two really fun sparklers:

First up is the big dog; 2005 Louis Roederer Cristal paired with Little Caesars Crazy Bread. The optional Crazy Sauce "Jalapeño Cheeze" really brought out the appley nose and biscuity flavor of this wine.
Additional flavor notes: If you're not drinking Cristal, you're drinking piss.

2006 Veuve Clicqout Rose (Cracklin' Rosie or "pink champagne")

It's impossible for me not to sing some Neil Diamond when sippin' on this. It's paired with some fancy pants beet-cup thing with some fennel an' sh!t.
Additional Flavor notes: Who knows.. By the time we got around to opening this one we had killed Cris an' PJ and a couple of bottles of red with dinner, but you really just buy pink champagne because it makes women shake their boobs (as seen in this picture of my hostess).

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Hmm...perhaps I'm missing something by always letting the Mrs. have strawberries and chocolate with bubbly...or shrimp - somehow they got an exemption.

Well I think the most important thing to realize is that champagne shouldn't be locked down by traditional pairings, chocolate and fruit are great no doubt, but I'm trying to cover some new ground here... Did you see that movie Sideways (I think) that had that Paul Giamatti in it? My friends all died from laughter when the scene came up with him enjoying that super rare bottle of wine in a fast food restaurant saying; "OMG.. That's YOU!" :girl:

And I just don't do seafood.

Sergio, I think you and I need to hang out.

Bring it on! I'm trying to figure out what will pair best with some Taco Bell Cheezy Fiesta Potatoes.