Semi-hollow DGT

El Fenix

New Member
Jan 28, 2020
Semi-hollow construction will open up the resonance and bloom of the notes, but will also trim off a bit of high-end harmonics. Say, pinch harmonics are much better suited for solid body guitars for this reason. The wood species will also be asked to work harder in a hollow body, so what back and top you select, for example, will affect the tone. Stick with maple for the top if you choose hollow body, avoid rosewoods, etc. or it will sound too dark IMO. I built my DGT with a Wide Fat neck and 1 11/16 nut as well, I don't like the narrow stock DGT carve. Good luck with your build!
I have a semi-hollow tele where I didn't like the neck. I just ordered one from Warmoth with as close to DGT specs as I could get.